Yesterday i reviewed about BTS V's VLOG

AND THEN ! today Jimin also uploaded his vlog~~!!!


i think they are on a vacation

I am studying tho,,,,

what are you guys doing nowdays??


Actually i am univ student now and also job seeker..

so i don't have any vacation now HAHAHA TOO SAD


I know BTS did work hard and hold concert at many countries 

they are worth to take rest


The will release good songs after getting vacation 

you know right?? HA


I am so looking for their next songs so much

We are same on the page HAHA



THIS is the video JIMIN took in Paris and Hawai !!

It's not too long video just for 3 or 4 m?

The place he went is looked so nice 

because it look like better place to chill 

I hope JIMIN has a great time 

And then I wish go there too someday


why am i always in korea hahahaha 

let me go out too !!





What do you think where he is now ?

I think it is paris?

maybe ? 

I have no idea since i never been there T.T

I jsut saw there only internet !!






JImin is in the train Where is he going?

Bye the way, his shirt look cool 

It's look on him



And here.. we can see a sea !!

so... It may be Hawai 

Don't you think? 


It's short video and.. I think another member might upload vlog agian

It's just my thinking but V and Jimin uploaded theie vlog

so It's passible that another members do that


Do you agree with me ? HA

It's jsut my opinion 


and i hope you enjoy this video !


If there is new news, I will come back soon !


good night 

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