Hellow everybody !!

G-dragon the most my love Singer among Kpop idols is back from military service !!!

Wellcome back to society 


We were waiting for you 


You know korean men have to go to army for 2years

(Actually i did already HAHAHAHA)


Anyway GD came back 



AND i was suprised so much 

Because about 3,000 GD's fans came to in front of army to congratulate GD's last day

One thing i suprised is that many fans aren't korean

In other word, a lot of fans got here from abroad like china, japan ETC


I didn't go there even though i am big fan of G-dragon


We guess he was happy because many fans were waiting for him





Look this picture

You can see many fans came here


Here is front of Army

I think supervisers of army were suprised HAHA





He said he wanna see you guys and try to his best to show you his good perfomance

Yeah It's true

I can't wait to listen his new song ~

I hope he release new songs as passible as he can

(Of course he have to hangout because he just got finished army service LOL I know)




But i am worry about YG and Bigbang's situation

You know V.I retired Bigbang because of Club problems

And TOP has drug problem~ 

And Taeyang and daesung are still in Army


By the way, GD came back 

So ! There will be happen funny things


 I feel time is so fast~ GD finished military service already !




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